Sunday, November 22, 2009

Need to redye hair, how soon can I?

I just used the new Loreal Couleur Expert. (Its 2 steps. Dye allover and then highlight) well the highlights are super orange brassy and I put too many in the front. I used 6.1-cool- light ash brown called French Eclair. The 1-888 Loreal number doesnt work til 9 am Monday. Can I redye my hair today to an allover brown color? Should I wait, I hear there is a 48-72 hour window but not sure if I need to do something before then, during then etc. My hair is fairly healthy I use cond daily and special treatment about 1 to 2 a week.... advise?

Need to redye hair, how soon can I?

Normally, you should wait a few days before attempting to recolor your hair. Here's the catch, though: you're really going to need to strip the existing color from the hair before you recolor it. As a rule, color does not "grab" new color well, so you need to strip the color with a color remover (you can get them at Sally's Beauty Supply, or some drugstores) to make the hair ready to take the new color you'd like to dye it. Again, wait a few days so that your scalp can get back to normal. You run the risk of burning the delicate skin there if you do a dye job again too soon (not so much a problem with the hair as the scalp, usually).

Good luck!

Need to redye hair, how soon can I?

it all depends on your hair i do mine every 2 weeks and sometimes i try dif things and mess up and have to run right back to the store with a cap on to cover my im 36 and i have been doing my hair for years it dependas on how strong ur hair is i have thick hair and i have greys now so thats why i do mine so often my hair is soft %26amp; it shines just make sure you condition it good ...and no its not falling out either i hope for the best for you what ever you do dont stip the color from it it will feel like hay

Need to redye hair, how soon can I?

Please heed my advice. I am a licensed professional. You may be making a huge mistake by coloring your hair yourself again. Because you have already colored your hair (peroxide) and highlighted it (bleach) you have altered the chemical structure of your hair. In order to achieve a color now that you will be pleased with, there are more things to take into consideration. Porosity level. Underlying pigment. These elements will make ALL the difference in how your hair turns out. You will be unable to go by the guidelines on a box of color. Trust me, you need to seek a professionals help. You may potentially damage your hair irreparably or end up with a hideous color. It happens constantly: customers come to see me because they didn't want to spend the money for a salon's help, dd it on their own and consequently had to come see me and spend twice as much because color correction is costly and time consuming.

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  1. I coloured my brown hair a light brown and it didnt cover my roots and only made it lighter. I want to now dye it a darker brown so that it covers this. How long do i need to wait before i can color again? Help Please :)